How can we help you?


If you are on a low income or finding it difficult to find money to cover the cost of spaying your cat we can help you. It is about being a responsible owner. Once neutered male cats do not wander so far. Females are safe from unwanted pregnancies and this keeps the number of unwanted kittens down, taking strain off of Cats Protection. Cats can be neutered from 16 weeks old. Call 0845 371 2734 or email and we will endeavor to help you.


One of our volunteers is available to visit various groups, schools, Brownie packs etc in the local area, often accompanied by one of our homeless cats, to give a talk about the work of our Branch and how to be a great cat-owner. Various subjects including health care, feeding, grooming, aspects of cat behaviour and problem-solving are covered and talks are geared to the nature of the audience and time available .


Some people find it difficult to care for their cat should they need to administer tablets, eye drops or change bandages. We are able to offer advice and possibly help you when needed to look after your cat ensuring it receives the medication or care it needs. We also offer nail clipping and grooming.


This ensures that if your cat is found we are able to locate you quickly and you can be reunited. We have many strays brought in to us who never find their owners as they have no microchip. Collars can be removed or lost but a microchip is there for life. This is a valuable investment and doesn’t cost a lot of money, plus identification is quick and easy. Contact your vet for details.


If you are concerned about your cats welfare and want advice, literature or just a chat about owning or caring for a cat, give us a ring. We are always happy to help.