Have you seen us?

Each year, a number of cats in the Crawley, Reigate and District area are reported lost or missing. Similarly, we are often contacted regarding stray cats that are in need of our assistance.

If you have lost a cat or found a stray, contact us on 0345 371 2734. Alternatively if you would like to add your missing cat to our webpage, email your details with a picture of the cat to: crawleylostfound@gmail.com.

Remember: If you have listed a cat that has been found, please let us know so that we can update the site. Also, please update Cats Protection if you move home or change your phone number while your cat is still missing.



Harry (Turners Hill)

Harry went missing on 30th December from his home in Turners Hill, and it’s believed he may have been stolen. His owners are devastated. They have gone through all the usual means of trying to find him, and he is on the Animal Search website. Harry is, of course, neutered and micro-chipped.
As you can see, he is exceptionally beautiful and quite memorable, so if you have seen him on your travels or know of his whereabouts, please let us know on our enquiries phone number, 0345 371 2734.

Harry (Copthorne)

Harry disappeared during the night of 16 July from Fairway Close in Copthorne. We would be eternally grateful if anyone from Copthorne and surrounding area could share this post and contact Us if you have any information. There have been potential sightings. He is microchipped and the vets will scan for free. £300 reward for his safe return. Many thanks.

If you can help, please call us on 0345 371 2734 with any information.


Steve went out on Monday 20th July 2015 at around 1pm and hasnt been seen since. He is not wearing a collar or chipped. Steve has a white muzzle with a black nose, long white whiskers. 2 white socks on back feet and 2 white toes on front foot. He is lost from Moorpark Crescent in Ifield. Please keep your eyes open for Steve.

If you can help, call us on 0345 371 2734 with any information.


It’s been a whole year today since last saw Angus, on the night of Tues 30th December 2014. He is missing from the Barn church area of Bewbush, Crawley. We miss him terribly.
He’s very fluffy with fluffy chest, a Small amount of white on his chest and hairy ears. He is chipped and neutered.

If you can help, call us on 0345 371 2734 with any information.

Sargent Tibbs

Our loved family pet Sargent Tibbs has been missing from the Ifield area in Crawley since the 24th of June. He is neutered, not chipped and was not wearing wearing a collar. He is very friendly. He is reported missing with all the vets surgeries and wardens, and posters have been put up. Sadly, there has not been one sighting of him anywhere, we all miss him so much and would love to have him back home.

If you can help, call us on 0345 371 2734 with any information.


Smokey was rehomed from Broadfield to Pembroke Park near Three Bridges on Saturday 4 August, but unfortunately has escaped. It is hoped that she will make her way back to her original home in Broadfield.

Smokey is a 4 year old tortoiseshell and has a little blue/grey in her tail. She is micro-chipped, and she is wearing a pink Diamonte collar with a cat shaped tag detailing our phone numbers.

Please keep an eye out for her.

If you can help, call 01293 450202 or 07934 783098.

Thank You.



Tibby has been missing from Horsted Keynes since approx 6/7am Monday 28 January 2013.  He is a neutered, brown striped Tabby of 12 years old; unfortunately he does not wear a collar, nor is he microchipped.

Tibby moved with us from Bennetts Road in Horsham in December. We have contacted the new owners of our old house, and the neighbours on the small chance he makes it back to Horsham.

If you can help, call Claire on 01825 790650 with any information.

Thank You.