We always love to hear about the cats that we’ve re-homed and how they are getting on in their new homes.

If you’ve made a loving home for one of our cats, let us know about it and we’ll add you and your new friend to our Success Stories page.

Just send us a message and a photo to homing@catsprotection.co.uk

Update on Harry

“In the two weeks that he has been with us his behaviour has completely transformed. He has lost his “bad language”, (his hissing,) has found his meow (which is more a squeak – very cute!), discovered his sense of play, and a taste for catnip! He has also got into the habit of sitting on my netbook when I am trying to work, and he pats me on the arm at night to wake me up!”

How sweet!!

Update on Thelma

Now named Jenga….

“Just to let you know that she is doing very well and is enjoying the garden now that the weather is getting warmer. Photo attached – she likes boxes!!”

Update on Sam & Katie

Now affectionately called “Bowie” & “McClane”

“We absolutely love them! Sam settled immediately – Katie was more timid, hiding under the bed and then starting coming out for food and cuddles. They are now fully settled in and much more confident. The difference to how they were when we first brought them home is amazing. They’ve even been outside to explore the garden!”


Jane Tidy
March 2017

Larry & Pepper

Larry and Pepper have settled in very well, as you can see from their adorable photo, they are the best of friends!

Update on Lewis

“We adopted Lewis In October and he is settling in really well and we cannot imagine our life without him now.

He loves his toys so much that he often falls asleep cuddling one of them!

We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas with him.”

October 2016
Sue & Steve

Update on Rascal

“We adopted ragdoll Rascal in October, he is the most loving cat I’ve ever met and he wins everyone’s hearts that he meets.”


Karen Castle
March 2016

Update on Oakley & Scotney

“We adopted out gorgeous boys Oakley and Scotney (formerly Andy and Roo) about a month ago and they have settled in beautifully. Love them to pieces!”

These lovely boys were found on a ferel cat site but we’re actually rather tame once we’d taken them in. We rehomed them as house cats and they have been living happily ever since.

Tasha Caitlin
March 2016

Update on Jaxx

“This is Jaxx, adopted from you end of December, as you can see she has settled in so well. She loves cuddles, strokes but she so loves playing with her toys especially in her play tunnel. Jaxx is a very loved & spoilt cat, love her to bits.”

Karen May
March 2016

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